Here are a few words about the coming Workshop and Lecture:

Meeting Archeselves – The Fascinating World of Collective Selves
Berlin – 21-23 June, 2013

Hosted by Andrea and Andreas Naurath, Voice Dialogue Berlin, and led by me, this will be a weekend workshop in which we will meet fascinating archeselves, collective voices, that influence our personal and collective lives.

Archeselves are transpersonal forces that deeply affect our personal and collective lives.
For example, any group of people who have something in common has a shared voice. It is an ‘entity’ of sorts and can be seen as an archeself.

Humanity is an archeself that contains numerous other archeselves: Germans, Protestants, Israelis, the
Children of Humanity, The Magical Builder Children, Abused Women, Optimistic Youngsters, Dilapidated
Men. Ideas, beliefs and symbols are also archeselves as are groups of inner voices such as the Collective Critic.

These are just some examples. Many other types of archeselves await those who are willing and curious enough to meet them.

Many of these archeselves are longing to be acknowledged, to speak and to share their experience.
When they are given a chance to do so – it seems they heal and can even transform.

Those who agree to let them speak through them heal as well, become more empowered and more aware of the web of forces influencing not only politics, economy, gender issues and war, but also our most personal relationships, thought patterns, sex life – and everything else.

In the workshop, we will talk with these archeselves and experience them directly and safely in various ways – and in this perhaps help both ourselves and our world.

Conversations with Collective Voices – How Working with Archeselves (Collective Voices) may Promote the Healing of the Wounds of the Holocaust

Lecture and Discussion – 17/18 June, 2013

Imagine Humanity, as a collective entity, deciding to go to  therapy.
Imagine Humanity willing to delve, in a sincere and constructive way, into the workings of its psyche?

In this 1.5-2 hour lecture and/or discussion, I will be sharing experience from the past 3 years, in which I explored with Tim  Kelley and a group of devoted Israelis, the fascinating world of collective forces.

We developed and discovered ways to meet, work and  have conversations with collective voices (archeselves) of the human race, of countries and peoples, of ideas and forces.

These archeselves have clear and unique personalities – and a lot to say.
Meeting them and talking with them is revealing, moving, healing and often surprising.

The lecture will focus on archeselves related to the Holocaust with some reference to related issues, such as Israeli, Jewish and Palestinian archeselves. I will be sharing some of our fascinating findings and experience and suggest possible ways of continuing this healing work with Jews, Germans and Palestinians.

I will be glad to answer questions from the audience and participate in an open discussion.


Archeself work has been developed by Tim Kelley, Ora Gavriely and a group of people in Israel.
For Information:

Andrea Naurath
Voice Dialogue
Schauspielerin & Coach

Rosenheimer Str. 38
D-10781 Berlin
Fon + 49 30 219 69 766
Fax + 49 30 784 51 91
Mobile + 49 171 604 24 45


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