If you read this blog, there is a good chance you know that, according to ‘Voice Dialogue’, we all have many inner selves, each with its own character, needs, abilities. This is the normal, healthy, state of affairs. You can find more about Voice Dialogue here, for example.

Classic Voice Dialogue deals with personal selves. The work Tim Kelley and I are doing at the moment, on the other hand, is with collective selves.
What is the difference between personal and collective selves?

These are early days, and we certainly have much to find out but, in my opinion, a collective self such as ‘The Children of Humanity’ mentioned in the last post, is made up of all of our personal inner children in the present (and possibly in the past). So we could perhaps view it as a cluster of personal selves of the same kind.

Since the inner children (especially the sensitive ones) of perhaps 99% of humanity are neglected and most people aren’t even aware of their existence, the collective self is experiencing extreme pain and despair.

I hope that approaching the personal selves from the collective side will bring some good to all inner children and all the people they are in – even if these people cannot do the work themselves.

Some of the collective selves we have met so far appeared as a crowd. There was usually one member of the group that acted as a kind of spokesman or liaison but all members of the group seemed to take part in whatever was happening to the collective self as the conversation developed. There was one instance when such a group needed to make a decision. To my surprise, the members of the group voted and a collective decision was taken accordingly.

Another type of collective self we have encountered was more akin to the idea of an archetype. These were selves that seemed ancient, biblical, Hebrew, etc. So far they   appeared mostly as a single self.

I don’t know yet if there is a difference between these two types of selves/parts. It is possible that the way they appear, whether as a single self or as a crowd is not important.

I will continue to share as things unfold.

Thank you for reading with open hearts and minds.


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