Sometimes I feel I have so much to say I don’t know where to begin. At the same time I have nothing to say. What can one say? That’s why so much time has passed since I last wrote.

When I teach Voice Dialogue to a group, or ways to work with dreams or how to change one’s state of consciousness without using any consciousness changing substances, things arise, to a great extent, from whoever I am teaching. Things are revealed through conversation, listening, questions and joint work. Things happen. Sometimes things begin when someone raises a practical or philosophical problem.

Whatever happens – happens through the connection with the person or people with me at that singular moment. These reactions or suggestions would not necessarily be right for somebody else.

Right now I find it hard to simply start somewhere – in the middle of the plot.

And who is it I am talking to? A random reader? Myself? People who have read my book or know my work? Old and new students? People I work with individually? Friends? It seems each one of those requires a different approach. The random reader, for example, wouldn’t know what this whole weird thing about the selves within us is all about. Should I say everything from the very beginning?

I don’t feel like writing things I’ve written elsewhere. I’d be bored to death.

There are videos and things I wrote on the internet for anyone wishing to get the basic idea of Voice Dialogue, other types of work I do, etc.

No. I will not begin at the beginning. Where will I begin? – That’s still unclear.

I suddenly feel I may want to be in a conversation with a collective entity (made up of many individuals) – the Human Race? It sounds pretentious but I feel an interest to have this discussion. Perhaps that is what I really wish to do in this blog.

But I may discover that’s wrong. It will be fine if something else happens. We shall see. I want freedom to think, wander around, change and make mistakes. That’s the only way to be new – both for myself and whoever reads this.


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