Hidden behind our jumpy life, below, above and beyond the theft of time and soul of Facebook, YouTube, emails, the twitting buzzing vibrating gadgets that steal our attention and fragment our concentration and ourselves, behind television programs, promos, adds, standing in traffic, honking, traveling to work and back, long grave meetings, urgent calls to the States, to the nanny, to the teacher – deep and always before beneath and below all this – mystery is alive.

Magic that was there before us and will be there after we are gone.

This is what we yearn for.

Though many of us do not experience it and will say there is no such thing it is always there – nourishing, all-encompassing, powerful. It is the rock of existence, the foundation of our being, the fountain, the source, of everything else.

When we lose our conscious relationship to this magic we lose, to a large or small extent,  taste and meaning.

The good news – it is always there and we can always find a way back to living it.


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