So what do I imagine will be here, in this blog?

I believe I will allow myself to think and wander.
I think whatever I write does not have to be final and closed. I will be glad for it to be a conversation, not a monologue.
I am sure I will write about the Selves within us (Voice Dialogue), dreams, journeys in altered states of consciousness, about my own travels as a facilitator, a teacher, a writer, a woman who accompanies others and guides them for a while on their healing, consciousness and spiritual paths, about the possibility of expanding ourselves without end, about the burning need to heal the rift between what we consider good and what we consider bad, about the possibility of being whole, feeling at home, living with an open and exposed heart without being a victim, the way to get to know and accept more and more of ourselves and how empowering that can be…
A partial list, of course.

This is an English version, not translation, of my blog in Hebrew.


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